MP3 Ratings?

By Tiki God • Images • 1 Aug 2008 | Report This Post

Dear MCS:

I’d been using winamp for years upon years, and it’s been great. I just recently found out that if you move your music collect from folder X to folder Y, you lose all your ratings information, and you will never get it back.   So, I tried Media Monkey, which according to my google-fu is the only mp3 player that stores the ratings in the file itself, and not in some arbitrary xml file that get deleted everytime you sneeze.

However, I’m having trouble using MM, as it likes to just max out my cpu at 100%, and the music starts to stutter like a mother fucker.   THIS is annoying to say the least.   So, a litte more google-fu and everyone is raving about foobar2000. only problem? no support for file ratings afaik.

So tell me. How can I have a mp3 collection of over 40 gigs, and have the ratings in the files?   Is it really so much to ask? And please, no itunes, that shit is satan.

Also, I’d love to be able to sync the songs that are top rated / top played to a usb drive, so I can play them in my truck.

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