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inappropriate highschool cheerleaders

inappropriate highschool cheerleaders 500x333 inappropriate highschool cheerleaders

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7 years ago

i am complaining because the cheerleaders arent dressed aproiate and they are just flonting their stuff every were and when guys look at that then they dont want nonthing to do with ther girl friends or their wifes and that is not right because they are lusting after the cheerleaders and that is very wrong of them to do ……………..

Dr. Prof. Patrick
Dr. Prof. Patrick
6 years ago

Their dressed like any other cheer leader. Now yes I agree the pic may be out of line. But everything else is like anyother now you may know more about them than me. What school is this? Or if you post more pics or videos I can totally back you up and shut it down. But another note, people should have self restraint and it’s up to the wifes or girl friends to keep their men in check.

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