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Google Adsense Appeal

Hey google, you sure don’t make things easy to fix, do you? I’ve been trying to get the site “fixed” in your eyes, and I mean that literally, I think you’re seeing things that I’m not seeing.

First, here’s a screenshot of a post as I see it myself:

screencapture drunktiki 2021 02 24 1958 2021 02 24 14 51 23 1 506x1024 Google Adsense Appeal

Now, your reported issues with the site:

“Valuable Inventory: No content”:

There are over 41, 251 posts since 2011 with at least 300 comments (in the last year!).  We’ve even started a project to tag the posts with tags that make (sorta) sense!

“Encouraging accidental clicks: Layout”:

I see no evidence of this on the main page, nor the example page that I took a screenshot of above.  If you’re seeing this, there might be an issue with the way that your computer is rendering the page, I suggest you ask a supervisor or technical support to assist you with determining what the issue is.

“Ads & Content Overlap”:

I see no evidence of any content overlapping anything else.  I thought at first that this was from the automated adsense loader, so that’s been turned off and I’ve manually added just a single ad block in the sidebar, as you can see in the thumbnail above.  You’re still reporting this with no follow up or explanation, so I again believe this is something happening locally on your own computer and isn’t something that anyone else is seeing.

Thank you for your time and effort.  While I appreciate the frontline employees that are looking at these site, it’s very frustrating to not get back any communication and only have a form email giving vague or general comments about sites and not giving specific examples of what the problems are.  It would be great if a human being from Google would look at this and give a determination!

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